Faith is confidence in God’s provision

Even when we can’t see it happening, faith gives us the confidence that God will provide our needs. Hoping for His will to be done in our lives and having the faith to believe He will.


This one-word command, “Believe”, is the one that we should be following. I know it sounds like such an easy command but it is also one that is looked at by many people as “too easy”. 

John 3:16: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

It takes only your belief in Jesus to bring salvation into your life. Then the work starts. You have to learn more about Him and live your life accordingly every day from that point on. Not just on Sunday and Wednesday night, but every day! Your life in Him cannot be just a once-a-week thing. The disciples couldn’t do it that way and we can’t either.

Belief takes faith and your faith comes from God. He chooses you to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus by faith and belief in Him. We don’t have anything to do with our salvation except our choice to give our hearts and our lives to Him. Do you have a choice? Yes and no. God chooses you when you realize that you need Jesus for your salvation. It is your choice to accept Him at that time or you will accept Him later. Once God has chosen you, then one day you will follow Him. I found this out myself when I felt the call on my life nearly forty years ago but I didn’t want to answer it at that time.

It took about thirty years or so before I surrendered to His call on me to be a preacher. The decision about my salvation came about when my son was born. I had accepted the Lord as my Savior a few years before he was born but when my son was born, I became more intent on following Him so my son would have faith in the Lord and be able to see it in my life. Kids today need to have an example in their immediate family, especially their parents. If parents don’t teach their children about their belief in a Savior, the world around them certainly won’t.

Reading God’s Word as a family is one of the best ways to show your faith and your belief to your kids. I didn’t do it as much as I should have until I became a preacher but he did come to Jesus as a child and I made sure that the home-school material that we used taught Scripture as well as his other subjects. Why? Because the pathway to wisdom begins with God’s Word. Wisdom is one characteristic that our world needs desperately. Real wisdom, not just education, is only found in the Bible by studying it daily, not just one hour on Sunday.

Do you believe?

There are many who think that they do. Mark 11:22 is where Jesus told His disciples to “have faith in God and all things are possible”. The kind of faith that He was speaking of is one that is not swayed by feelings or problems. It is the kind of faith that allows you to believe even when things don’t look good or when things are not going the way you want them to. I think of people who go to church and study their Bibles yet they get a diagnosis of cancer. Does your faith give you the strength to stand up to that?

Many people’s faith doesn’t. Why? Because, in my opinion, they don’t think that God cares enough about them or their problems, their faith and belief in Him is not strong enough to stand up to their problems. It is not easy to believe that our Creator loves us this much. Especially when we can’t see Him or the evidence of His love but it is all around us. He gives us the food that we have to live on and the air that we breathe. He gave His Son to pay the price for our sins so that we could be redeemed from the penalty of those sins.

There is an unending supply of evidence that God loves each of us but many of us choose not to see it. We go through our lives every day and we live by the same rules that we have lived by all of our lives, some of them are His rules and some are not. The point is that we choose to pay little attention to the details that He takes care of when we can’t. He takes care of many details that we may never be aware of, like an accident that we avoided because He caused us to be a little later getting on the road. We may blame Him for causing us to be late but if we had been there when we intended, we could’ve been hurt in an accident.

There are likely many things that God does for us in the background that we aren’t aware of now, but we may find out about them when we are in His Presence one day. Then we will know about the little details that He took care of when we didn’t know He was doing it. Your faith in His should be based on all of the things that you can read about in His Word. Not because He did it two thousand years ago but because He can still do it today. Remember, Jesus said that we can do the things that He did and even greater…but it is likely dependent on our faith and our belief in Him.

What will get your attention?

In today’s society, our attention spans have decreased to the point of being only long enough for a blurb on the news. I’ve noticed that most news programs seem to sell drugs more than they tell us about the news. The news anchors only speak about one or two sentences then another commercial for some new or renamed drug comes on for three minutes. Then they will come back and say a few words and then more commercials will come on. I know that is the way that the networks make money but I would like to actually hear some NEWS if I bother to tune in.

If you have heard any sermons about Jesus Christ then you may remember one of His parables about the days near the end of the age. Two are working in the field, one is taken and the other left. Two women are grinding meal, one is taken and the other is left alone. Two are in the bed at night, one is taken and the other is left. This is a description of the “rapture” of the church or of believers when Jesus comes back to take His Bride, the church, to heaven. We are not far from that time.

I know that the disciples thought that Jesus was coming back during their lifetimes as well but there are too many prophecies that have come true in the past seventy years for His coming to be very far away. It could happen tomorrow or even tonight, but the world will know when it happens because it will be an event that will happen all over the world at the same time. No one knows the hour or the day or even the year in which it will happen but God knows the timing down to the second. Are you ready for it? Have you given your life to Jesus and repented of your old ways of life?

God loves each of us and He doesn’t want any to die the second death in hell but that is your choice. God doesn’t send you to hell, your decision to accept Jesus as your Savior or not accept Him is the decision that truly condemns you to hell. Murder, theft, rape, genocide or other sins will determine the severity of your eternity in hell but your destination is determined by you. Make the decision to follow Jesus and ask Him to come into your life as your Savior. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and make you clean so that you can be counted in that number of those who will be “taken” to heaven when He returns in the clouds.

This decision only takes a minute of your time but it will impact your eternal life forever. Choose to Live with Him.

God is as close as your next breath

The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 KJV

God has never left this world and the people who live here alone. Satan wants you to believe that God doesn’t care about you, but Jesus wouldn’t have died to atone for your sins if He didn’t care. Your life is worth more than all of the wealth of the world to God. If Jesus Christ could only save one person from hell, He would’ve still come to die for you or me.

Don’t turn your back on such a great love that God has for you. No matter what is going on in your life, God loves you and He will be there in your situation with you.

Do you believe?

God is our Creator. Is that something that is beyond your mind to believe? Are you too stubborn to believe it or do you think that you actually came from an ape? God made us in His image and He created the apes but He did NOT use an ape as the pattern for humanity. God created the entire universe from nothing. It did not spew out of a microscopic point of dense matter in the Big Bang, God spoke it into existence with His Word. Don’t even consider that your teachers know more than God because God gave them their intellect and their ability to learn what they teach children today.

In the public schools, teachers are supposed to follow a pattern of teaching. They call it a “lesson plan”, I call it indoctrination of our youth. Whatever you call it, since the Bible and the morals that it teaches has been out of the public school system for more than fifty years, our children have been taught what to say and what to believe by teachers. In college it gets worse because of the predominant theory of evolution of all species. Yes, I called it a theory because you can’t prove that one animal in the past evolved into another. Scientists will argue this point until they are blue in the face but the fact is that there are no fossils which show any transitional phase between one form and another.

Back to God now. He spoke everything into existence and it was good until mankind mucked it up and decided they wanted that one fruit that God had told them they could not and should not eat. Have you ever noticed a toddler do that? If you tell them that there is something that they can’t have because it is bad for them they will work hard to gain that one thing more than any other. It doesn’t matter what it is, if it is denied to them because you say so they will work ten times as hard to get it rather than be satisfied with what they already have.

Mankind has not changed one bit. If there is something that this group has that another group wants it may start a war. A theif will steal from your home something that he wants just simply because you have it and he doesn’t. Sometimes he will sell what he stole for the money but his satisfaction is that he took it from you because in his mind you didn’t deserve it anyway. God can see all of this going on in our world today and it breaks His heart but He has held off the end of the age until the time that He will send for His bride, the church. Why has He held off so long? So that every person will have the opportunity to claim salvation through Jesus Christ.

I pray that everyone who reads these posts will take a minute and seek God in prayer. He will answer your prayer for salvation and your eternity will be set in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Your name cannot be erased from that point on. Your life with Jesus is assured. Then you should begin to walk with Him each day. Reading the Bible, praying about what you read and praying for someone that you know whether they are sick or just need to know Jesus as their Savior. Be His voice and His feet from that point on because He gave His life to pay your penalty for the sins that you committed or will commit. Don’t turn away from His call in your life.