God loves broken things

God is not happy when we feel broken or we are broken by something. In today’s world, many of us feel this way because of the circumstances we find ourselves in but God can bring us out of those circumstances. God can heal all sorts of illnesses and problems that we have been told can’t be fixed. God is still a healer! He didn’t stop at Pentecost! He has been healing people for thousands of years and He can still do it today.

Being broken doesn’t mean that we can’t be fixed, it just means that God will prove Himself in a way that we will notice. Sometimes the healing takes the form of death because it is the best cure a Christian can receive. Those who are left may think that God couldn’t heal their loved one but God made them more alive than they ever could be here. In heaven, we are in glorified bodies that will never decay or wear out and we have no disease or infirm problems like we have here.

When you feel that your life is not what it could be, seek God’s provision for your life. He can provide and He will when you are seeking Him. He will answer your prayer in His time and in His will for your life so don’t put it off, decide to follow Him every day as you live and breathe in this world. Then you will have an eternity to be with Him and be in His presence one day as well.

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