God gave first

One day many years ago, Jesus came into my life and it changed me forever. It didn’t change me immediately but it did make a change in my life that lasts until today and will be with me into eternity. God determined from the very beginning that mankind would need a Savior. He told Adam and Eve that the Seed of the woman would one day crush the head of the serpent and the Seed was Jesus Christ. God gave His only begotten Son for all of mankind’s sins. He paid the price for them but not everyone will accept Him as their Savior. God knows exactly who will and who will not, so it isn’t a surprise to Him at all.

Mankind has made up so many “gods” over the thousands of years that we’ve been here. We’ve tried to make our “gods” in our image and make them just as petty and ill-tempered as we are. Aren’t you glad that God isn’t like that? Our civilization would’ve started over so many times because things would’ve always been messed up in some sort of fashion. God loves us and He has a LOT of patience with us regardless of our shortcomings. I’ve often wondered why He does this but I think the best reason is that He is God!

Jesus came to give us a way to attain eternal life in heaven. It is only through our belief in Him as our Savior that we have a chance for eternity. Otherwise, eternity will be in hell and that is not a place that anyone should want to go. It was because of God’s love for us that Jesus gave His life for our sins and all we have to do is believe in Him for our salvation. I know that sounds too easy but God made it so that a child could understand how to become a Christian.

I pray that all who read this will seek Jesus as your Savior soon.

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