Do you know for sure?

Where will you spend eternity? Some people think that once they die they won’t know anything from that point on. They believe that they will just “go to sleep forever” and not know anything about anything. That is an awful idea, that your life means absolutely nothing. God did not create us to live that way. We have a spirit inside us that will live forever. We are flesh because that is how God designed us. Your spiritual man or woman will live forever because God made us that way. We do not go to sleep forever, your spirit will live on in a body that God gives us when we enter eternity. If you have given your heart to Jesus and accepted Him as your Savior, your eternity will be with Him in Heaven in your eternal body.

But…if you haven’t given your heart to Jesus your eternal body and spirit will spend that eternity outside in the darkness away from God. You will be in hell with Satan and his demons because you refused to accept Jesus and the grace of God for your forgiveness of all of your sins. God offers atonement through the blood of Jesus that was shed for you. Jesus is the Creator and He is the Author of Life itself. Everything that is living, even those things that we haven’t discovered yet, was created by God.

God loves you but doesn’t like the sins that we all walk in every day. He made a way for you to have eternal life. A life that is rich and productive with Him in Heaven. You will live for eternity in hell but it will be a painful and dismal life because you will pay the price for not accepting salvation through Jesus Christ. Eternity was our destination before sin came into the world. Life with God is far different from an eternity without Him. I pray that you will seek Him out as your Savior because He loves you. He came to die for you because He loved you and me long before we were born.

Not one person can keep even the Ten Commandments. With Jesus as your Savior, you can try to keep them but even with Him in your heart you and I can’t keep all of them. A thought or a word will come through during the day or night that will break at least one of the commandments. When you break one you have broken all of them. But God has provided a way, through your belief in Jesus as your Savior, to be saved from an eternity in hell. Don’t wait another day to give your heart to Him because tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us.

There is only one way to have an eternity with God and that is through accepting Jesus as your Savior. Won’t you make sure of your eternal home today?

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