Where do you find…

All of us ask this in one way or another because we are all looking for something. Whether it is food, money, healing, or love we are looking for it. God knows this and He knows what and Who you need to fill that empty place in your life. He is the God of plenty and the God Who provides for all who believe in Him. He supplies the needs of everyone whether they believe in Him for their salvation or not but HE will abundantly supply the needs of those who are following Him and learning wisdom from Him.

Life with God as your Savior and Provider is not easy but it is better than what we have now. God loves us and He watches over every person even if they don’t follow Him. When they are living by their own leadership, He allows it because they are rejecting Him. When He touches their life and their heart, they will seek Him to fill that empty place. This is not a vain belief, it is the truth! Your life can be useful and fruitful for Him if you will believe in Him for your salvation.

God’s inspiration will get you through all of your toughest days. No matter what might be happening, God is with you. He cares for the birds so He cares even more for you because you are made in His image!

Don’t think that He has abandoned you because He has not and He will not. Give your heart and your life to Him and follow Him every day because your eternity depends on it. Each of us has a soul that will live into eternity. The question that remains is…where will your soul and your eternal body live? Now, you can deny that this is the truth but Jesus mentions it many times and if He says that it will be this way then it will be. The determining factor of your eternity is your steadfast faith in Jesus or your rejection of Him.

You choose where you will spend eternity when you decide to either follow Him for the rest of your life or not. God doesn’t send people to hell. They make the choice when they decide to put off the decision of following Jesus or just reject Him altogether.

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