Flaws, warts and all

How can God use me? I am not perfect and I’m not always in His will for my life. The thinking that we have that follows this line of thought is wrong. No one besides Jesus could be this way. God loves us regardless of our flaws. He knew us long before we were ever born and He still determined that we would be useful in His Kingdom. That is why you were called to become a Christian in the first place.

Becoming a Christian is not something that happens because you decide to do so. You only get to the point of knowing you need Jesus because God has placed enough faith in your heart to show you that you need Him. All of us have to live our lives on a daily basis and it is the conviction of the Holy Spirit that shows us that we can’t live the Christian life without Jesus as our Savior. It has nothing to do with our weaknesses because there isn’t a person on Earth that can live a real Christian life and follow Jesus without the Holy Spirit.

All of us have cracks and flaws and warts, spiritually, but God never called perfect people! He always called normal, everyday people like Peter, James, and John. His disciples weren’t superstars. They were normal people like us but when the Holy Spirit came into their lives they became bold witnesses of Jesus and His message and they began the work that He had told them to begin after He left and went to be with the Father.

None of those who have believed in the past could’ve had the witness that they did without the Holy Spirit working in their lives. Even the so-called “super preachers” of the last 150 years could not live and be the person that God called them to be without the Holy Spirit working through them. Their preaching would not have had the same impact that it had and they could not have been as successful with their ministry without Him. God can use even the most unlikely of people and circumstances to bring His will to pass.

Can you be used in God’s Kingdom in a mighty way? Yes, if you will surrender to His call in your life and allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and through your words and your witness so others will see Jesus rather than you. This is what Jesus meant when He told the disciples that they would do greater things than He had done because the effect of their preaching would be more far-reaching than He could do in only three years.

The time that this world has left is growing short so I pray that you will give your life and your heart to Jesus if you haven’t already. Follow Him daily, reading His Word and praying because one day soon He will come for His bride.

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