He loved us first…

I usually let the picture and the scripture talk and I don’t add much to these but in the political climate that we are living in today something else needs to be added.

God LOVES us. It is not in the past tense. He always loved us, long before most of us were born and He loves those who aren’t here yet as well. The point of this is that He took the first step toward us, so when we feel Him trying to get our attention we should do the same. But…do we take that step? Some of us do and some of us wait, then some just walk away from Him.

But you can’t walk away from God because He is always there. Wherever you are and whatever situation you may be facing. Especially when He has a plan for your life that will bring Him glory. Many people would read that and say that God is seeking credit for Himself and He does to a certain extent. But…God doesn’t seek glory like we do. His reason and purpose for seeking His glory are to let others know how good He is at taking care of our problems. Our pains, our misconceptions, our fears, and even the keys that are missing are all important to Him.

Anything that is important to us in our walk with Him is important to Him as well. Sometimes it is hard for us to imagine that the Creator of the universe could possibly care about where my keys are but He does. Consider what Jesus said about the sparrows: “My father knows even when one of the sparrows fall to the ground“. One of the smallest birds that flit and flies on Earth, yet God knows where each of them is and He notices when one of them dies. If the Creator notices when a small bird dies, don’t you think He cares for us even more? He created each of us in His image and He knows how many hairs we have on our heads.

Yes, God loves us and He cares for each and every person, whether we care about His attention in our lives or not is immaterial. He loves us. Don’t you think we should give Him some love as well?

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