Grief and loss…

This is something that no one can know unless they’ve experienced it. The loss of a parent or a child or even a pet that has been with you for many years is hard. Each of them had a piece of your heart and when they passed from this world to the next, they took that piece with them. It feels that way too. Thankfully, I’ve not lost a child but a dearly loved parent and grandparent both went to be with Jesus in 1995. I have only gotten to the point, in the past two years, that the holidays don’t cause the pain to resurface.

Nearly everyone has had some loss in some form in the last two years. Whether it was a loved one or a job or your health, all of us have had some loss to go through. No person has escaped this and if you have then you are very blessed indeed.

God cares for us and we truly are His creation and “the apple of His eye“. He considers Israel as the center of His eye so when others come against them it is like poking God in the eye. Not a very smart thing to do.

Deuteronomy 32: 9-10 says:

9 But the Lord’s portion is his people,
Jacob his allotted heritage.

10 “He found him in a desert land,
and in the howling waste of the wilderness;
he encircled him, he cared for him,
he kept him as the apple of his eye.

God cares whether you feel that He does or not. He is always near when you need comfort or strength and all you have to do is be humble enough to ask Him for help. Seek Him to be your Savior while there is time because the prophecies are being fulfilled every day and one day soon a trumpet will blow and the church, the Bride of Christ, will be taken up. After that day, life is going to be much worse than it is today. Make sure you are taken up with the church.

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