How did the church get here?

Barna’s research has concluded that less than five percent of parents have a Biblical worldview. What happened to the church? What has happened to the family that is not teaching their children about God?

I believe that we are seeing the beginning of the apostasy that is foretold in the Bible. In the last ten years or so, the faith of this country has been shaken. The government has shaken it, the entertainment sector has shaken it and the media has shaken it. All of the people who say they are Christians (according to the research-70%) don’t really believe what they say they believe. In the polls that were taken, the number drops to around 20% who actually attend church regularly and when reading the Bible is factored in it drops even more.

This is predicted in God’s Word but I didn’t think I would see it happening in my lifetime. But…they actually are calling good things as evil and evil things as good today. It’s in the news reports, although I don’t regularly read or listen to those unless it has something to do with Israel or Christian persecution. God is watching our world and even though it is a “small blue dot” in the cosmos, it is the dot that He placed us on. He cares for us and one day He will come back to prove that to the whole world.

Life is so short today and it seems that there are fewer and fewer people who even care about those around them. We are here for God’s purpose in our lives and we should be seeking out that purpose and living in it each and every day. Some say that is hard to do but Jesus never said it would be easy. He told His disciples that “you will have tribulation because of My name“. As long as we only speak about God, no one seems to be offended but when you bring up the name of Jesus it seems that offends almost everyone.

Believe in Him for your salvation and your eternal home because there is no other name that saves your soul.

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