How Compromised Preaching is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot

How Compromised Preaching is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot

This is bringing our country to its knees. What has happened to the preachers and the seminaries that teach them? We are supposed to be preaching from God’s Word not changing it to fit the “congregation”! God’s Word shouldn’t be watered down to make people feel better!

One thought on “How Compromised Preaching is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot

  1. You know, Tracy, I am honestly getting sick and tired of churches, especially youth organizations that want to eliminate or water down certain aspects of the Christian faith to “entertain” and “lighten up the mood”. As a contributing author to your blog, I want to break this status quo! I remain committed to preaching the Gospel from a moral, historical, and holostic standpoint. There are three main things I aim to accomplish through this assignment.
    1. Expose the world (especially our youth) to the gravity and seriousness of sin, its penalty, and the quest for morality in a compromising world.
    2. To empower families and enrich them to fubly understand the reality and the nature of Satan: Not only as a real and active spirit being who opposes what is of God, but one who exemplifies the attitude of hatred, pride, deception, and the very sins that plague this nation.
    3. Open the floor for people to share the Gospel through their God-give tealents, curiosity, and creativity: Whether through writing, singing, art, or whatever form– Not to entertain, but to glorify Christ above all things.

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