Why did Jesus come when He did?

Lots of people think they know the answer to this question. He came to bring salvation to a dying world. He came to set us free from being slaves to sin and its consequences. He came because He loved each of us so deeply that He couldn’t bear seeing us suffer from the weight of sin. He came because God had pre-ordained that He would come to take the sins of the entirety of the human race on Himself and pay the penalty for our sins.

All of these are right, but He also came to bring the Kingdom of God to us so that we would know about it, and by following His example we could live it out in our lives and give it away to others.

This doesn’t work if you don’t believe in Jesus or anything that is written in the Bible, God’s Word. You have to believe in God and His Word and in Jesus Himself in order for you to even have a hope of living out even a fraction of His example…His Life that He invited us to share with Him and with others. This takes faith! Maybe not as much faith as believing that we came from apes but even a little faith, like a mustard seed, can make a BIG difference.

The Kingdom of God came to Earth through the ministry of Jesus, the Son of God. He brought it because it was foretold and predestined that HE would come and because His Father wanted us to have access to His Kingdom. The only way that we can have access to it is through the blood of Jesus Christ that covers our sins and redeems us from those sins and the punishment for them and for turning away from Him. Accepting Him as our Savior is the only way to be saved but many people do turn away. I pray that you, whoever you are, will not turn away from His call on your life.

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