The end is coming

Ominous beginning, huh? The title is the truth of history and prophecy. God’s Word says that this is going to happen and all of the signs have already happened except one. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ and you have given your heart to Him, it won’t be long now. For many who do not know Jesus as their Savior life will go on as it always has…until that day when the trumpet sounds and the dead in Christ will explode from their graves, wherever they may be. I say explode because they will have glorified bodies and will meet Him in the air. Then, those of us who are alive and remain steadfast in our faith will be changed in the twinkling of an eye to meet them and our Savior in the air. Oh, what a glorious day that will be!

All of those who have believed in Jesus for their Savior and their eternal hope will be taken from the Earth, from the first century saints until the day of His calling all of us to be with Him. It will be a massive amount of people in the air and unless it happens at night, everyone in the world will know that it happened! I pray that if you don’t believe in Him for your salvation, I hope you won’t be on a plane with a Christian pilot. If you are then unless the co-pilot can take over quickly, the plane will fall. The entire world will be in even more turmoil on that day than it is today. Because many won’t have a clue about what is happening, although there will be quite a number who do know but have not given their heart to Christ. They will be left to mourn over their indecision.

God loves each of you and He does want you to be saved but it is up to you to act on the call of the Holy Spirit when you feel that you need Jesus as your Savior. God doesn’t force His will upon anyone so when you hear a sermon or feel His call in your heart for you to turn to Jesus as your Savior, please don’t turn away as if you have many more years to make that decision. Not one of us is guaranteed even to make it through today, so please seek Him because He is seeking you if you have turned away even once don’t put it off again. Give your heart to Jesus and be saved from the time that will come after the church is taken away.

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