Celebrate the risen Savior

5 thoughts on “Celebrate the risen Savior

      1. I am at the tail end of my cold, and should be back and running Monday to make up the SAT.
        Anywho, I will be on “investigation duty- at 11:00: in regard to Joshua’s Easter presentation. No, I am not talking about criminal investigation. I am talking about further examining his presentation through a Scriptural and practical lens, just like you have seen me do over the past few weeks. Getting my hands dirty, people! Let’s continue to stay grounded in the Biblical truth and remain on our A game. My mother always said this to me (in regards to sneaky and slick people), to always be ten steps ahead of them, and don’t let your guard down. Tracy, it’s time we do not let our guard down, and (while relying on the Holy Spirit), be ten steps ahead of Satan!

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