A little bit here and there…

This is something that all of us should be used to by now. Every time the state gets a little more money from gambling income or the lottery we always hear that it is going to education or teacher salaries. Then we hear that there isn’t enough money to do this or that. I’d like to know who’s pocket all of the money ends up in because it isn’t in the teacher’s pocket and it seems that more money in the education system isn’t really helping that much anymore.

Have you ever wondered what really went wrong? It isn’t the money or the salaries or even the jobs that are being offered because it seems that there are too many today who really don’t want to work or get a good education. The real problem began in the early ’60s when prayer and Bible study/reading were either taken from our education system or it was being taken away. Prior to that time, our education system was the best or at least one of the best in the world. But when God is removed and the moral center of society begins to shift away from Him, the quality of education goes down and it has continued going down ever since.

If you don’t believe what I’ve written, look up the ACT scores from the 1950s. Then look up the range of scores from the 60s and it is trending downward.

God and His teachings from the Bible are essential to education and its effectiveness. Without His laws written in our hearts by reading and studying them, our society will fall and it is doing that now. I pray that parents and grandparents will begin to read the Bible to their children and grandchildren now before it is too late.

7 thoughts on “A little bit here and there…

  1. Good morning, Tracy! Here is how I imagine how the education system took God out of the equation. Note: This is not meant to disrespect God in any way.
    ghCut to: 1960)
    President: The Teacher of the Year for our entire country, is, … .. …
    Satan: MEEEEE! Evolution, baby!
    Kids: Finally! No more crappy discipline and trashy lectures about God!
    (Cut to: 2021)
    Kids (vandalizes the bathroom while doing a tiktok challenge)
    Also Kids (pulls down the fire alarm while lauving)
    Parents: Do as thou wilt!

  2. Plot Twist: If the removal nook place in 2022.
    President: The teacher of the Year for the entire country is, … …
    Saqn: MEEEEEE! Evolution, baby!
    Me and Tracy (on megaphone): Not so fast there, Satan!
    Satan: Aw crap!
    (We blast “How Great Thou Art” at max volume on the school intercom)
    President: Everybody run!!
    Jesus: Ready or not, here I come!

      1. Plot Twist #2: Jesus interrupts the President midway through his speech.
        President: Our Teacher of the Year for the entire country is, … … …
        Jesus: Cut cut cut cut cut! There is no way you are taking my sacred law out of this place! Do you understand me?
        President: Sir! You’re causing a disruption!
        Jesus: I don’t care! You guys stay away from my sacred book of truth! I am not just a man, I am the Christ!
        President: I am gonna ask you to leave.
        Jesus: Father, forgive this man!
        Tracy: This is not gonna be easy people!

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