What have you sown?

It is in prophecy that there will be many false teachers during the last days. Whether many believe it or not, we are living in the last days before the Tribulation. The Truth of God’s Word is that which should be preached in these days, not teachings of men or “ideas” or “visions” that someone claims to have. God’s Word is the Truth and it is that which saves you from the punishment for sins. Not just reading it or hearing it but seeking the Savior in it and becoming a follower of His and not just a hearer but a person who does what God’s Words asks of him.

Go and tell others of the salvation brought to you and bought for you by the blood of Jesus. This life of ours is fleeting and very short compared to eternity. Make sure of your place in eternity because once this life is over you don’t get a “pass” or a “do-over”. The choice that you make in this life, even up to the day of your death, are what determines your eternal place. It will either be in torment because you rejected Jesus or it will be in Heaven because you accepted His call to be one of His disciples and followers.

Some even preach that you can claim your rewards now in this life. To a certain extent that may be true, if you are asking according to God’s will for your life and for an actual “need” in your life. God doesn’t grant wishes like some genie. He only gives to us those things which will enable us to be useful to Him and His Kingdom and bring Him glory. Those who claim to have millions and fame for themselves from God I would question their true relationship with Him. God does not share the throne with us. The only One Who sits next to the Father is His Son.

We who are saved by His grace and His call on us have the third Person of the Trinity living with us, the Holy Spirit of God. He agrees with our Spirit to ask for those needs that we have whether they are for healing or for our ability to do God’s will in this life. God knows the ones that He has called to be His own and He knows who has accepted that calling. Make sure of your calling and what you are doing for Him by prayer and fasting and by reading His Word. This is the only way to know for sure what you are sowing into eternity.

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