Pride, the root of sin

I may get some blowback from this post but it is the truth. Pride is the root of sin because that is what started Satan’s downfall. I realize that we can be proud of our accomplishments or our children but the kind of pride that I am speaking of here is “boastful pride”. The kind that brought Nebuchadnezzar from his throne to live with the “wild beasts until he acknowledged God“. He was boastful and said so to himself (and God) until he was driven from his throne by God.

Pride can cause so many sins in our lives. Especially when you think more highly of your accomplishments than you should. God is the Creator and it is He Who gives each of us our gifts and abilities to be and do all of the things that we do. There is no such thing as a “self-made man”. God formed each of us in the womb and gave each of us a specific purpose for our lives. It is up to us to seek Him out in order to find our purpose and then allow Him to develop that ability for His Kingdom.

Don’t be like the king of Babylon. Is it possible for us to be so prideful and boastful? Yes, you see it on TV many times. On the news from Washington, DC. We see it in many sports and the people who are so talented to play professionally in those sports. The problem is that we have forgotten where our talents and abilities come from. God put your DNA together and He is the one who gave you your abilities and strengths. No actor or football player or any other kind of athlete could be as good as they are if God had not given them those abilities before they were born. He had a plan for their life and He is the One that should be praised for their accomplishments.

Give Him the glory for your home and family and all of your accomplishments because ultimately He is the One Who allowed you and gave you the ability to be and do all of the things that got you to your successful life as it is today.

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