We live in an uncertain time

But…it is not an unknown time. Many of the things which have happened in the past few years have been foretold in God’s Word. The re-gathering of the Jewish people in their land in 1948 was the first and there have been many more since then. In 1967, Jerusalem was restored to Israel as the capital. All of these things were prophesied by God through the prophets and His ministers, the apostles, who wrote of Jesus and His gospel.

Why do so many people disagree with the Word of God? It is backed up by many more original copies from the first century than any other “ancient” document. Yes, there have been many translations but if they are compared to the originals their content is true and correct. Some may argue that the Bible has many errors in it but it doesn’t. Some words translate easily from Hebrew to English but many do not simply because of the Hebrew alphabet.

I am not a Hebrew scholar but I do own a Hebrew Bible with the Old and the New Testaments in it and it backs up every scripture, even the King James Bible. Yes, some words are different but the context and the meaning of the Scripture are the same. When you read the prophecies from the Old Testament and then compare them to what happened in the life of Jesus and His apostles, even if you have to use more than one or two commentaries to make sense of them, they are accurate as if the writer was there. David described His crucifixion exactly in Psalm 22 right down to the casting of lots for His robe and this was written over a thousand years before Jesus was crucified.

We are living in a time where the “time of the Gentiles” is coming to an end. I pray that everyone who is seeking to know Jesus and the explanation of what is going on around the world will look it up in God’s prophecies, specifically Matthew 24 and in Isaiah 53 and the entire book of Daniel. Seek the truth in God’s Word while there is time.

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