My Savior is alive!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is proven because He lives! He is coming back to rule humanity one day soon! These are proven because they are in God’s Word! One has already happened and the other is a promise from God and He doesn’t break His promises.

God has loved humanity, the whole human race, since before He created the Earth so I don’t believe that He has abandoned us as some may believe. God is in control and everything that is happening is being brought about by His sovereign power. There are no surprises from His point of view because He lives outside of time. He knows what is happening now and what will happen tomorrow and many years ahead as well.

God provided a way for us to have salvation through Jesus Christ alone. To some, this may seem “exclusive” but His Word says that “through Him is the only way to salvation“; granted, I paraphrased it but you get the idea. From the thief on the cross, all the way to anyone to calls on His name today and until the church is taken up to be with Him, Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven…period.

Make sure that you are ready because when the Trumpet sounds and the dead in Christ come out of their graves to meet Him in the air and those of us who are alive and remain in Him will meet Him as well, there will not be a second chance. If you don’t rise to meet Him then you will have to accept Him or reject Him and you will have to live through the Tribulation. By accepting Him now you can escape the trials of the Tribulation because it will be like hell on Earth during that time. I pray that you will come to know Him if you don’t already.

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