There was always a plan…

Each of us was known to God from the beginning. He has known you and your choices since before the Earth was created. He chose each of us to be His at that time and He knew when we would come to Him. He also knew beforehand each ability that each of us would have and what we would be able to do for His Kingdom. Could we refuse to be His? We could but eventually, His will would bring us to the point of giving our life to Him.

I felt the call to give my life to Him over thirty-eight years ago and I refused to go in that direction. But, twenty-two years ago He got my attention by bringing my son into the world and convicting me of my need to be an example to this child. Granted, I haven’t been a perfect example and I doubt that many people think they have been a perfect example for their children. We can only be a good example for our children if we are following Jesus and trying to be more like Him.

God has a plan for us and all you have to do is ask Him if you haven’t found your plan or your path. He will show it to you. Listen to His teachings from His Word, read it and study it and ask Him to reveal it to you and He will do it. God has been waiting for all of us to come to Him in surrendering to His call. You may not be a preacher or a teacher but you can be a Christian and be an example before your family or your co-workers.

God knows how well you can perform in His Kingdom because He can see your future and all of those that you will have an impact on in some way. God loves you and every human being on this planet, whether they know Him or not and He can use your influence to touch each person in some way and bring some of them into His family. Seek Him and His path for your life. Just ask Him to show it to you and He will and you may influence the next evangelist that touches millions of people.

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