Our lives are filled with times of pride and times of loss. Which one is worse or better doesn’t matter because our pride causes many problems in our lives because it is the chief sin from which all others spring. It was because of pride that Satan rebelled against God and was cast out. It was because of pride that Cain’s offering was rejected because he was showing what he had done and not offering a sacrifice to atone for his own sins.

It is pride that brings so many families to a point of splitting apart and it also causes many churches to split as well. There are many other problems in our world that are caused by pride and many times they become bigger than they should. But…what are we to do? Truly, we are supposed to “love the Lord with all of our heart, mind, soul and our strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves“. But do we really do this? Jesus was explaining the parable of the good Samaritan when He said this, so should we do this too?

We should but many times in our lives we don’t. God loves us deeply because He gave His Son for our sins so that we could come to Him whenever we needed Him. He already knows what we need but He does like to hear our prayers about those things anyway. We should pray to Him not only for the things that we need but also for just praising Him for His goodness and His love for us too. Make sure that you tell God how much He means to you because He does like to hear it. He knows your heart and more about you than you know yourself, but like any father, He still likes to hear from His children.

There may not be many more years until Jesus comes to take the church home so make sure that you know Him as your Savior…but most of all make sure that He knows you too!

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