It’s happening all around us…

To most of the world, everything that is happening in the news is unexpected and worrisome. But if you are a Christian, you know that it has been foretold for a very long time. Most of what we see and hear is just the “birth pains” as Jesus said it would be. The news that we hear and see on TV is part of those “birth pains” leading up to the time of the Tribulation, but most people in our nation and around the world don’t want to see it. Most of them don’t want to know that God foretold these things hundreds of years before Jesus was born.

The problem is that we have taken God’s Word out of education and in some churches His Word isn’t preached like it should be either. When you ignore God’s Word, you are leaving yourself open to suggestions from Satan and his demons. If you have never asked Jesus to be the Lord and Savior in your life, then you are being influenced by him and the demons that he commands. I don’t mean that you are possessed and need to be “exorcised” of your demon, but when your mind and your heart have not taken in God’s Word and His Son for your Savior then you are working for the devil whether you know it or not.

God loves you and He has called us to be His and to be part of His family but when we enjoy the world and its pleasures so much that God’s conviction isn’t enough to bring you to Him then we are in a very bad place. Because…you have no guarantee that you will live until tomorrow and if your life ends tonight you will meet God but He will be your judge since you rejected Jesus as your Savior. Our lives are short in comparison to eternity, so make sure of where you would like to spend it before your time is up on Earth.

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