Pain and suffering

These two words are descriptions of the Christian life in some parts of the world today. Those of u.s blessed to live in America are experiencing some persecution but it is mild compared to those in Asia, Africa, China, and most nations whose state religion is Islam regardless of which “branch” it is.

It was the same with the early church during the first century only the persecution was much worse than it is today. Why am I bringing this up? Because, the time is coming, sooner than later, that the whole world will feel the wrath of God. Because of the anti-Christ and the influence that he will have on the world and because those in the world will be the ones who rejected God’s grace and the offer of salvation through belief in Jesus as their savior.

Jesus came here to bring the gift of salvation through believing in Him. Although many people in the world do not believe in Jesus or God for that matter, the Tribulation will be a very difficult time for everyone who is left behind after the church is taken from the Earth. Mainly because the Holy Spirit that has restrained the demonic activity on Earth for the past two thousand years will be gone. The devil and his cohorts will have free reign over the whole Earth and the people living here at that time.

Don’t wait, seek Jesus as your Savior today because there are no second chances after death. You have to make this decision in this life to have an eternity in Heaven with Him. If you don’t decide to give your heart to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness today, you may not get another chance. The pain and suffering of this life is nothing compared to an eternity separated from God in hell.

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