Pain and suffering

These two words are descriptions of the Christian life in some parts of the world today. Those of u.s blessed to live in America are experiencing some persecution but it is mild compared to those in Asia, Africa, China, and most nations whose state religion is Islam regardless of which “branch” it is.

It was the same with the early church during the first century only the persecution was much worse than it is today. Why am I bringing this up? Because, the time is coming, sooner than later, that the whole world will feel the wrath of God. Because of the anti-Christ and the influence that he will have on the world and because those in the world will be the ones who rejected God’s grace and the offer of salvation through belief in Jesus as their savior.

Jesus came here to bring the gift of salvation through believing in Him. Although many people in the world do not believe in Jesus or God for that matter, the Tribulation will be a very difficult time for everyone who is left behind after the church is taken from the Earth. Mainly because the Holy Spirit that has restrained the demonic activity on Earth for the past two thousand years will be gone. The devil and his cohorts will have free reign over the whole Earth and the people living here at that time.

Don’t wait, seek Jesus as your Savior today because there are no second chances after death. You have to make this decision in this life to have an eternity in Heaven with Him. If you don’t decide to give your heart to Jesus and ask for His forgiveness today, you may not get another chance. The pain and suffering of this life is nothing compared to an eternity separated from God in hell.

7 thoughts on “Pain and suffering

      1. I figured out why. Ready?
        Prophet: I just received a vision last night saying that Obama is the Antichrist of Revelation! Don’t take the vaccine; it’s the mark of the beast!
        Satan (to self): Pfffffft! I ain’t got time for no obvious trash like that! I got bigger fish to fry than messing with Barack Obama! (to his legions) Come on, guys! Let’s go attack some more guillible pimps.
        Adele (singing): We coulda’ all, rolling in the deep!
        Me: Are you sure you prophesied correctly?
        Prophet (looks stumped)

      2. Not gonna lie, it was a pretty good attempt for someone who’s been sick for the week! LOL! He just get roasted!!

      3. But, on a more serious note. Here is an argument as to why many perceive Obama and other figures as the Antichrist.
        These fearmongering “prophecies” are coming up largely because we want to control the situation. However, the bigger issue at hand is the church’s approach to the book of Revelation, and the hard doctrines of Scripture. When we first went on quarantine in 2020, I did not have any prior knowledge about the Antichrist or the mark of the beast, or any of the end-times related concepts mentioned in “prophecies” going around during the height of the first wave of the coronavirus. Now thinking back to my study on the mark of the beast, I can actually begin to connect the dots and see where the fear of the vaccines and political figures are stemming from. At the cronavirus continues to spread, the church is chasing after signs and wonders that bring them hope for the end of the world and the return of Christ, while neglecting common sense and reliable facts. Take, for instance, the fact that pandemics have happened before 2020.
        Yes, we are getting closer to the end times. Yes, Jesus will come back and establish His kingdom. Yes, there will be a seven-year tribulation. Yes, it is essential we know and pay attention to the signs that point to His return. However, do not be fooled or deceived. Satan will use your knowledge of end-time prophecy to instill fear and doubt that leads to a sinful attitude of empty faith that is built on lies. The goal of this epidemic of “prophecies” are not to prepare for the Tribulation, rather, to create a false perception of “resisting the Antichrist”, which, in reality, is being foolish just because we have mastered the book of Revelation. It is rebellion and arrogance disguised as radical faith in Jesus. What we currently perceive as the Antichrist is actually God-ordained authority. They may not be perfect, and we may not like what they are doing, but we must try our best to obey their Godly directives, and take care of our bodies, which are the temple of the Holy Spirit. I am afraid that when the real Antichrist comes, we won’t realize it, and we would falsely believe that it was Jesus himself, or at least, a man of God. We are truly not ready for the final test that awaits this Earth.

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