What are you worried about?

In our world today there seems to be a LOT to be worried about. When you look around the world and on all of the media outlets…there seems to be more and more to be worried about. The news and every “pundit” that is on any channel seems to be pushing us to be constantly worried about something. My problem with the news today is that there are no actual news stories. We get a few seconds of what I call “blurbs” and then minutes worth of drug advertisements. We used to get real, actual news from the nightly news but now I don’t know if there is any news outlet that can be trusted and that is a true shame.

I am showing my age here but I remember Walter Cronkite and the news then. What we have now is a bunch of advertisements and some snippets of content and occasionally a heart-wrenching story at the very end. Sometimes the ending story is heart-warming too but why can’t there be more actual news today?

I know, this blog has always been about salvation through Jesus Christ, but I have to vent sometimes. Why is there no notice of anything that has been foretold in God’s Word? I know that most news programs don’t want to focus on anything that is religious especially if it involves Christianity or Judaism but God is pushing His agenda forward whether you are noticing it or not. Worry? Why? God is still in control of everything even if the world around us can’t see it.

Looking at the news and everything that is happening in the Middle East with spiritual eyes and with the Bible as a lens to see what is really happening…it is easy to see His hand moving the pieces. I pray that everyone who reads these posts will seek your salvation through Jesus Christ.

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