The Bread of Life

God sustained His people in the wilderness with manna that was the bread of life for them. The Bread of Life for us today is Jesus Christ! Do you know Him? The Savior and Redeemer of the world and yet Christianity is one of the most hated religions of the world. The fact is that our “religion” isn’t a religion at all. Christianity is a relationship!

This is what God created humanity for! He wanted a relationship with us from the very beginning yet many people still don’t know Him. Why? Because of the “rules”? The New Testament church is bound by His blood and our belief in Him for our salvation, we obey His “rules” because of what He did for us not because of requirements or “rules”.

Jesus gave His life for us and He paid the debt for our sins and not just for the Christian church but for the whole world if they will accept Him as their Savior. We are called to be the light for the world to see. The Light of Jesus should shine forth from the church and draw those who are searching for His Truth to Him. If we aren’t being that Light then how will those who are searching know where to go or Who to seek out for their salvation?

The early church was a community of believers and we should be the same. I see a very different church today. One where couples and families come together as a church during worship services then they separate until the next time. This is fine…up to a point, but we should check on each other between church meetings. There are times when little problems come up for each of us that can grow into bigger problems before we can discuss them with our church family. Sometimes we feel so isolated from our church family until we will push “our problem” into a corner of our mind and suffer with it until it gets so cumbersome that we have to seek out our friends to help us handle it.

It is this community of believers that has come apart in the last fifty or so years and it is something that our church, every church, needs to get back to. Not exactly in a commune way but close enough to each other that we can be there for each other no matter what the need is, big or small or in between. This is the relationship that we should have in the Body of Christ and with Him too. If we aren’t doing this and haven’t been doing this then we need to start…NOW! I’m praying that the church will realize this and seek Him and His influence in this before the possibility of a revival is lost.

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