Why won’t you listen?

There are so many sermons being preached by so many preachers yet churches are closing all over our country. Membership is dwindling and people don’t seem to care that the beliefs which shaped our country have gone out of favor with the young and old alike it seems. Some still go to church on a regular basis but many just sit there and barely hear the message at all. What is happening to the church? The people who are in the church don’t seem to care that their beliefs are getting weaker by the year. Even those who live in areas where there are churches on almost every corner of the square seem to have lost their way. Why?

Some people think that it is because of the lack of spiritual teaching, particularly from the Bible, that children and their parents should’ve been exposed to. Some lay the blame at the feet of our government for taking the Bible out of education and for taking prayer out of public schools as well. While those reasons have likely contributed to our country’s moral decay over the last fifty-plus years, it can also be traced to God’s Word and the prophecies contained within it.

At the end of the age, there will be a “falling away” meaning people will gravitate toward other “ways” or pathways to get into eternity and heaven. The problem with this is that there is no other way to get into heaven! Only through belief in Jesus as your Savior and repenting of your sins, then following Jesus for the remaining time that you have will you be able to redeem your sins and be granted righteousness through Christ. I am not saying that you have to do “works” to gain entry into Heaven. I am saying that there has to be a real change in your heart because of the Holy Spirit’s conviction that you need Jesus as your Savior! If you aren’t convicted of your sins and your need of a Savior you wouldn’t look for one. I wouldn’t have sought out Jesus either if I had not been convicted by His Spirit.

At the time of the end of this age, the Church age, there will be a falling away and it is happening. Christians in democratic countries like ours are being persecuted for their beliefs. Right now it isn’t as bad as it is in other countries but it is starting to be seen. This will only get worse, especially when the church is taken up and the world falls into chaos at the beginning of the Tribulation. I am writing this to warn those who have the time right now to seek your Savior while there is still time to do so. Being or becoming a Christian right now is not hard to do, but during the Tribulation, it will be dangerous to the point of losing your life!

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