Our Savior…

Sometimes it seems that our world just flies off on a tangent that has no relation to the reality in the world but only in the mind of those who are loudly blasting it on the Internet or in the news media. It especially happens during election years depending upon the “news” that is being shotgunned everywhere.

Although, if you are a Christian, you know Who is in control of it all. God is never on the sidelines and He never loses sight of what is happening here on Earth and in each of our lives. I mean if He keeps up with the little sparrows then He can surely keep up with us as well. Jesus said that “even the hairs of your head are numbered”, so since God’s knowledge of us goes that intimate don’t you think that He truly cares for you? Because He does!

In the book of John, Jesus is referred to as the Living Word and He is. He is also the embodiment of God in human form so that He could come and reconcile us to Himself. Jesus fulfilled every prophecy from the Old Testament about the Suffering servant and the Son of God and every other reference to Himself found there. No other human could do that if He were not God in human form. The celebration of Easter is coming up soon and many people will celebrate it with candy and egg hunts and some will even give presents but this is not the reason we celebrate it nor should it be.

Easter fell during a celebration of First Fruits in Israel since Jesus was the “first fruit” to be raised to life eternal. Read the account of His resurrection in Luke and then His ascension to the Father in the first chapter of Acts. Read these accounts and learn more about our risen Savior because He is coming back!

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