What can we do?

Jesus did all of the work for us to have salvation, so what can we do? We really don’t have to do anything except to believe in Him and His provision for us through that belief because with faith coupled with our belief in Him our salvation is given to us by the grace of God. After we are saved there are many things that we can do regardless of the attitude of some that Christians have all of these rules and are just very boring. Compared to what we did in our “old life” without Christ, whatever that may have been, it could be boring to your friends from that time. After your heart has been changed by the Holy Spirit you no longer need to do the things that you did before. You may not feel like hanging out with your old friends but you will have new sisters and brothers through Christ in a church near you. Join a Bible study and learn more about your risen Savior that provided you with this gift of salvation. Study your Bible each day and learn about how much you are truly loved by God, the Creator, and the Sustainer of the universe. Imagine being loved by the One Who created you to be who you are and Who knows you far better than anyone else.

The Savior and God of all keeps every part of you and the world around you together and working for your blessing and for His glory. Every part of the universe is held together by His will and for His purpose just like we are. The Bible, God’s Word, is full of all kinds of stories about loss and pain, love, anger, regret and yet He can guide you through them all if you will let Him.

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