A wake-up call

I had a dream this morning and God used it to wake me up to the world around us. We’re living in the end times right now and if we don’t wake up to this fact, no one will recognize it. The church has to tell others before it is too late because that’s our job and if we don’t do it, who will?

Alcohol is a poison and it’s effect on families has always been to divide and cause more problems. Emotional problems and spiritual problems too. It takes your reasoning away and if you had a witness, it kills it in the eyes of those who see it or see you drinking it.

Jesus called each of us to be His representative in this generation. We have to be His if we are, if not we are fooling ourselves about our salvation and the witness that we have.

I’m no longer a pastor but I can’t lay down the calling that He placed on me. I have to be true to that and to Him or I should just go away and my heart won’t allow that. I pray that anyone who reads this will seek their Savior in Jesus Christ because He’s the only way into eternal life with God.

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