There were three…

In the poem, “Footprints in the sand”, the man who had the dream noticed that at some of the most trying moments in his life there were only one set of footprints. The Lord told him that during those times He carried him through them. He was never alone.

For a married couple who is totally committed to each other and to the Lord as well, there would be three sets of footprints during their life together. During the hard times in their lives, the Lord would not carry both of them but their footprints would be closer together as they walked along. When their lives approached the end of their life together the Lord would carry them both through these really tough times. God doesn’t leave us in rough times only to show up during the best times, He is there all of the time.

Life today is tough and it seems to be getting tougher as time moves on but, as Christian believers, we are never alone. Jesus is there, the Holy Spirit is in our heart and God is always accessible to us by prayer. While we may feel alone at times, seek comfort in knowing that Jesus is always close to us. He is as close as a prayer and closer than a friend or a brother. 

Why am I writing this today? Because life is hard and it is harder when we try to live through our troubles alone. Some of us aren’t made to go through life as a married couple but some of us are and we are more relaxed and able to cope with the good times and the bad when we have someone to share both of them with. The good times will be better when shared and the bad times won’t feel so bad because you are able to bear each other’s burdens.

This is how I see married life because God gives each of us a partner to live life through as a couple because, just as a rope, when there is more than one person/strand put together the bond is harder to break. Make sure of your bond as it is between three persons, Jesus, your spouse, and you.

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