What time is it?

People used to ask this a lot especially if they didn’t have a watch. But now our phones and our “smart watches” have the time and the number of steps we have made today and our heart rate and….!

So what is it time for?

It is time for us as human beings to start acting like human beings and not like animals toward each other. It is time for us to notice the world around us and realize that the complexity of this world could not happen by chance or “natural selection” as the theory goes. Everything on our planet did NOT come from one single celled organism billions of years ago.

It is also time for the world to realize exactly Who is in charge. The Democratic party? No! Is it the Communists or the Socialists? No! God is in charge of the world because not one blade of grass grows without His influence. Not even a sparrow falls to the ground without God’s knowledge of it. So, if He is watching the grass and the birds, don’t you think He cares for and keeps His attention on your life and mine? Of course He does!

The reason that we are so important to Him is because He created us to be in His image and to worship Him. Life doesn’t move and have a meaning without Him. Your life, without God in it as the Motivator and the Strength behind every move you make, would truly be without hope or meaning. God loves each of us whether we care for Him or even believe in Him. Will He save us from an eternity in hell? Yes, if we ask Jesus to come into our life and our heart and we repent of our sins and follow Him.

Living a Christian life is not hard unless you live in a country where religion is enforced and it isn’t Christianity. Some people think that it is but reading the Bible isn’t hard today because there are many translations which make it easy to read and understand. Once you become a Christian and the Holy Spirit lives within your heart, He will help you to understand the concepts of God’s Word much easier.

It is time for us to seek Jesus as our Savior and as your Savior! Because the time that we have been living in for the past two thousand years is called the church age. It hasn’t always been pretty or fun and the church has made many mistakes during that time, who hasn’t? We make mistakes every day just being ourselves. Humanity has made some really big mistakes over the few thousand years that we have been on the Earth. God will be bringing all of that to an end soon and if you would like to see what comes next you need to belong to Jesus and He needs to be your Savior.

Jesus is the Way

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