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In our daily lives we see the pain and suffering which is happening in our country because of this pandemic. But it isn’t just the pandemic that is hurting our country and the world around us. It is the attitude of our people and the culture that has become so prevalent in society today. It is true that culture takes a while to develop but it seems that this “cancel culture” has sprung up over the past year or so.

It did not show up by itself though. All of the movements and marching which has gone on in the decades before many of those who march today were even born have lent their seeds to the movements and the culture that we have today. Much of it began in the late ’50’s and early sixties when religion was seen as a bad influence on our children, at least by a few who didn’t believe and who thought that prayer and reading from God’s Word was a bad influence. This grew into the atheistic movement which spawned some of the organizations which file lawsuits all over our country even when the complaint comes from one person or family.

Yes, we have the freedom to believe or not to believe in whatever god or religion that is around or in the schools or that may be influencing our children. But…have you ever heard of a Muslim Imam or a Jewish Rabbi being taken to court for what they teach? The religion that is always targeted in lawsuits and insults on the Internet is Christianity. Would the atheists target a Mosque or a Jewish Temple for their boycott or smear campaign? No! Because their reason for doing these things does not reside within those buildings.

The Word of God, Jesus Christ, Who came to pay for our sins and lived with His disciples for three years teaching and healing in Israel is what everyone who is against Christianity objects to. They don’t care if you talk about God or Yahweh. They don’t care if you talk about Mohammed or Allah or any of the others scattered around the world. But when you bring up the One Who can do for you the very thing that is worth the whole world…He is the One that can give you eternal Life!

He came to pay the penalty for ALL of our sins, true believers and those who choose not to believe. Why would Jesus Christ pay the penalty for those who choose not to believe in Him for salvation? Because He loves them enough to offer them the choice even when He knows their heart won’t accept it. God raised up kings and kingdoms to honor Him and to use as a way to punish His people when they didn’t honor Him as their Lord and God. He knows your heart and mine and He knew from before time began exactly who will give their lives to Jesus and who will not. But we are never forced to choose one way or another.

Even the angels in Heaven had the choice of being obedient to and loving God the Father or not. Some chose to follow Lucifer and be the fallen angels spoken of in the Bible and yet even when they made their choice God was not taken by surprise. He knew their hearts and their choices before they did. Our lives seem to be long here but consider that some veterans from World War 2 have lived to be 100 or more. The advancements in science and war machines and airplanes and cars that they have seen are amazing but consider what they would see if their life extended to 800 or 900 years? What could they witness in the past or in our future? The kingdom that will come to Earth with Jesus as the King will allow those who come into it to live a life like that. Imagine what they will see!

Seek His Kingdom while there is time now because eternity is ahead of those who have given their lives to Him and it is also ahead of those who have not. The dwelling place of each will be drastically different depending upon their choice here and now.

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