Do you really know Jesus?

How many people claim to be Christians when they rarely attend church services? I’ve heard the “excuses” about worshipping from a deer stand or while fishing. I’ve heard that there isn’t enough time in the morning to get ready for church. I’ve heard that they would rather worship from home because of something that they have heard about “those people” who attend this church or that church.

These are just excuses which Satan plants in their minds to justify not going to church. Right now we’re not in church because of a virus and people are afraid to gather in a church. The governor has ordered no business or gathering of more than ten people in a building. What do you think will happen when this crisis is over? Will we bounce back to living a normal life again? I’m not sure what will happen, but our country will have a new “normal” and we might not like it very much.

Getting back to my original question. Do you really know Jesus? Why do many people claiming to be “Christians” yet they don’t go to church unless it is a holiday or when there is someone sick in their family? Now, I don’t want you to get the impression that I am saying that there are many people who want to have nothing to do with the church or Jesus Himself. But in the end many people will be disappointed when Jesus says, “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”

Living the Christian life is not an easy thing to do. Some people may think that it is “just getting my fire insurance” to keep from going to hell. It that is how you look at it, then you may end up where you don’t want to be anyway. The surrendered, repentant Christian that has truly had a heart change because of Jesus’ influence and presence does much more than just go to church. They read their Bible daily, they study the meaning of what they have read, they pray about what they read and hear at church, some may become the pastor of a church or a deacon. A Christian is a target for Satan and his demons and they will try to ruin your witness in every way possible.

Jesus told His disciples that they would have trials and tribulation in this world. So by extension we should expect the same thing. It will not be easy or fun to be a born-again Christian but living your life with your eye focused on Jesus will allow you to walk through those trials knowing that He is right there with you. God is always near, Jesus is always near and the Holy Spirit is living inside of you IF you are born again, so you have a part of the Trinity living with you ALL of the time! How awesome is that! Some people may think that the Holy Spirit is a weak part of the Trinity but He is just as much God as Jesus is and God the Father is!

All of us make excuses, especially when we don’t feel like going to church. But God knows your heart and He knows what your real reason is and you can’t fool Him. Seek Him in your hard times and your good times but especially during the times when you don’t know what is going on and few others know the answers either. The news today is full of guesses because nobody knows how long this virus and its effects on America and the world will last or even how bad it will actually be before it is through. God knows exactly how long it will last and what it will take to cure it or stop it. He is in control, don’t ever doubt that.

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