What is your motivation?

For Christians who have given their hearts and their lives to Jesus the Christ it is His sacrifice and His death on the cross so many years ago. What motivates you to do the things which Jesus commanded his apostles to do? It was the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb after three days. He fulfilled His own prophecy. He is our motivation. Jesus is the Son of God and it was His willing sacrifice which paid the price for your soul and for mine.

His humanity, the frail body of flesh and the knowledge of the pain and suffering which He was about to go through…it was all of that and more that caused Him to pray so fervently and deeply that He was sweating drops of blood. He was shedding blood during His prayer before He was arrested to go through a mock trial. He was asking His Father for the strength to go through the ordeal that He knew was about to come upon Him.

Eternity was paid for by the blood of Jesus. He paid that price for all of humanity, not just the Jewish people or the Syrians, or those in Africa or China or in a country which didn’t exist at the time…America. He could see down through time that each of our lives would mean so much. Not just because we would give our hearts to Him as new followers but because of those that each of us may have some influence in some way to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We are His ambassadors in the place where we work and live and even on the Internet if we will carry His message to them.

Blood was shed in the Garden to cover the sin of Adam and Eve. God provided the lamb which gave its life to provide its skin to cover them and their nakedness. When Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, God provided a ram to be the sacrifice instead. There are many other examples in the Old Testament where God provided food and water for people who didn’t believe in Him and didn’t want to follow Him. But when they got into trouble or in captivity by a conqueror from another land, they cried out to God for help. When He delivered them they would follow Him faithfully for a while but then they would drift away from His love and His purpose. This pattern happened over and over again but God never really left them alone. He was always there even when He would tell them that He wasn’t going to hear their prayers.

Why am I writing this today? Because there are many people who need to hear it. Jesus loves you. God loves you and if you read His Word you can find His love in almost every book of it. He came in the form of Jesus His Son so that you and I could be redeemed and our sins would be forgiven so that we would be able to stand in His Presence and tell Him one day that Jesus’ blood has covered our sins and have Jesus stand with us saying that “This person belongs to Me”. That will be the most wonderful feeling that all believers will ever have. To know that the Creator loves you and He gave His Son as the perfect sacrifice for each of us so that we can be made in the likeness of Jesus.

The Creator came into Creation as the perfect lamb, without blemish or spot so that each of us have a chance to be saved from our sins and our sinful nature. He changes each of us inside all the way down to our soul so that we will be a new person. Not the same person that we were but a forgiven and redeemed person clothed in the righteousness of Jesus. Seek Him while there is time because without Jesus there is no salvation and there is no way to enter in Heaven without Him.

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