Are you tired?

Many people seem to be tired of waiting for the Lord to return, like He said He would. But we have no control over His timing of His return, so why do many in the church feel this way? Because Satan has been telling the whole world, including the church, that God has forgotten about you and He doesn’t care about you. He’s not coming back, you are on your own. Satan has been a liar since the very beginning and those who don’t read the Bible for their salvation through Jesus Christ or who have never felt His touch in their lives will miss this. Because Satan already has you fooled into thinking that you are capable of saving yourself and that there is nothing wrong with your life or your lifestyle.

Serving God and being obedient to Him and His calling in your life is not about impressing people or the crowd or building a “brand”. Being the person that God called you to be has more to do with the message that your life sends to those around you. Those who see you every day or on the weekend should be able to look at your life and your character and tell that you are born-again. If your life hasn’t changed enough so that others can see it and know that you are a Christian then you had better check with God through prayer and see if you really meant what you said or did or were you just “going through the motions” to join the church?

From what many polls say about those who claim to be Christians, there are more who claim it than those who own it! Out of the seventy or so percent who claim to be Christians, only about twenty-eight percent actually attend church and read their Bible at least twice per month. What I’d like to ask in these polls is whether they study their Bible between the church meetings or do they leave their Bible at the church so they won’t have to carry it around? Living the life of a follower of Jesus is more than just attending church once or twice a week or per month!

God knows who belongs to Him and who does not and there will likely be quite a few who are surprised on that day when He does come for His Bride.

God knows when the time is right for Him to send out the Spirit to take the church, the true believers, out of harms way. We don’t know and will never understand His timing because only God knows how or when will be the right time. Believers should work for God’s Kingdom based on their belief in Him and His Word and not on any degree of human talent or ambition. You were called to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and with that calling you should be faithful in carrying out His mission while there is time to do so. God loved us enough to give His Son’s life on the cross just to pay for your sins and mine and every person on the Earth who will accept His gift of grace.

That knowledge of Him and His Love for us is enough to keep me going until that day. Won’t you join the family of God by believing in Jesus and His atonement for you?

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