Live through the Author of Life

We wake up each day with His blessing because He has something for us to do. We may not realize it or even think that we know how to do it, but He will give us the strength and ability to do that which He has called us to do. God knows your strengths and your weaknesses and He can equip you to overcome those weaknesses and do His will in this life through His Life in Jesus. Don’t ever think that you aren’t important to God because we would not be here if we were not.

I realize that God can do things without us, but He can and will use us to do His will for His Kingdom. God loves us and He wants us to tell others about Jesus and the salvation which is available through belief in Him. Are you going to believe in Jesus for your salvation? God wants you to if you have felt His touch in your heart and know that you need Him in your life. So don’t turn the call of the Lord down because it is an eternal reward in the balance and your eternal destination as well.

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