Eternity, are you ready?

This is the most important decision that anyone can make in their life.

Most people don’t seem to worry much about life after death. They look at it as a fable or a myth that they’ve heard about at church or maybe read about in the Bible but it isn’t clear to them in any way. Until they have something happen to a friend or a family member that brings death and its consequences a bit closer to home.

Jesus did come two thousand years ago and He lived a perfect life, which we cannot, and then He gave His life on the cross for each one of you and your sins. He paid the price for all of our sins so that we wouldn’t have to IF we will believe in Him for our salvation, repent of those sins and then follow Him for the rest of our lives. That is the purpose of all Christian lives. To live our lives through His strength and power and by His atonement for our sins we are to tell others about Him so that they can know Him as their Savior.

That sounds a lot like being a missionary or a preacher? Yes, it does, but that is the command that He gave His disciples and once you have given your heart to Him and are saved through His blood, then you become His disciple and you are just as bound by that command as they were. Even if you don’t tell but one or two people what Christ did for you, if they give their life to Him and become His disciples then maybe they will tell two each and so on. Sooner or later there will be many people who have heard about Him and have given their lives to Him because you told a couple of people.

Does becoming a Christian make all of my problems go away? Not likely! Many of them may multiply because when you become a Christian, Satan now looks on you as the enemy. Before, you didn’t know Jesus and he wasn’t too worried about what you did or said to anyone. But once you begin telling others about Jesus and those people begin listening and changing their lives, now you have become a problem. Satan sees you as part of the enemy’s camp now and he may try to hurt you or your family but all you have to do is rebuke him in the name of Jesus and tell him that no part of your home or your family is his and that he should leave you and your family alone!

God loves you far more than you know or can even imagine which is why He sent His Son to pay the penalty for your sins. Then you can join His family and be with Him in Heaven for eternity, and that is a very long, long time. Much longer than our little sixty or eighty years on Earth. Make sure of your salvation before the day is through because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

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