Your future…

Have you ever thought about your future? I mean in eternity, not next week or next month. We are not guaranteed tomorrow or next week or next month but eternity for your soul is guaranteed. In either hell or heaven with God. It doesn’t matter whether you believe that there is an eternity ahead of you or even whether you believe that God is our Creator…eternity is still in your future.

Our works or our belief of God’s Word, whether it is true or not, has no bearing upon your eternal home. Just as your belief in gravity has no effect on its effect on you, whether you believe in God or not does not erase His Presence in your life and in your eternal home. While it is true that you must believe in Jesus for your salvation and repent of your sins there is no way that your lack of belief will get rid of the punishment if you don’t believe in Him!

God loves His creation and we are all His creation but if you choose to do things your way and live the way that you think is right for you and you choose to walk on your own pathway…God will let you do that too. Why? Because it is your choice to believe and be saved through Jesus Christ! God will not force you and you do have that choice but what will your eternity be like if you do live apart from Him? You don’t have control over eternity. You can’t raise yourself up from the grave. You are not god.

Why did I add that last sentence? Because there are some who actually believe that they are or will be a god. The operative word in that is “a”, you will not be God. He doesn’t share His throne with anyone besides the Trinity of Himself, the Son and the Holy Spirit because when one of Them is on the throne ALL of them are there! God loves you and the Creation which He has given us and He will raise you up on the last day. If you are a Christian, you will be with Him forever in Heaven but if you never accepted Jesus as your Savior you will be shown all of the times when you had a chance to accept Him and you did not! Then you will be sent to hell.

Being saved is not a choice that you make it is a calling from God Himself. He touches your soul and convicts you of your sinful life and when you feel it and know it then you seek out the only One Who can save your soul and heal that wound. There are no amount of works or money which will bring you into heaven because without Jesus as your Savior, you will be going to Hell. There are no gray areas or holding cells for those who haven’t made up their minds yet. You either are saved or you are not.

Only Jesus can save you and He is God!

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