Why is racism a thing?




There is no racism or bigotry here unless it is taught by their parents. God did not design us to be racist. He didn’t endorse racism, even though some passages seem to say this. God only told the Israelites to get rid of those in Canaan who were not of their “race” because of their worship practices, not because of their skin color or their hair or any other distinguishing feature about them except that they worshiped false gods.

So, why do we continue to see so much bigotry and hate between people who are the same race…the human race? Remember, in the book of Genesis, all of humanity came from one set of parents. Adam and Eve, who were likely dark skinned but were also light enough that all of the skin tones in the world came from their genetics. God did not make a mistake in any of His creation, so why do we consider one race, one skin tone, better or more desirable than another?

That is learned from our parents and grandparents, nowhere else does this bigotry come from in each culture of the world. Yet many people hold that their “race” is the one who discovered ______________. Who cares? Any person in the world can be smart enough to find the cure for cancer or diabetes or any number of ailments if God gives them the talent and the knowledge. Many herbal remedies could be the cure for many diseases IF the pharmaceutical companies weren’t so greedy.

Our world was made by God and declared to be good in His sight, it is mankind who has caused things to go downhill since then. I don’t believe in global warming, but our world is changing in ways that are leading up to the end of the age. That is why things are changing so much. When I said that we have caused things to go downhill I don’t mean in our climate, but I do consider all of the wars and drugs and pornography and other things which are causing many more troubles in the world today.

Our news programs don’t concentrate on any good news and the bad news is just heard in snippets of a couple of minutes or so and then they move on to the next one in line. All of this is because of our attention spans getting shorter and that is a direct result of the Internet and its effect on us. We should be reading the Bible and asking God to show us exactly what He wants us to learn from it because it is His Word and the absolute Truth! Many people today don’t want to hear about an absolute Truth but the Word, which has been given to us by God, is the Truth which we all need.

Don’t turn away from His Word and seek Him out in all things, especially in the times that we are living in. God cares for us and He gives each of us the grace that we need for today and the strength to go with it. If He decides that we have another day then we will get the grace and the strength for that day when it comes. He doesn’t give us a promise of a certain number of years, but we do get a day to day existence when we are following Him so don’t miss it.

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