Sermon for today

1 John

Learning about the Son of God and Who He really is.

The apostle, John, wrote this book and the three which follow it. He did this to show to the churches Who Jesus was and is and to bear witness of Him. John saw while learning from Jesus, that satisfaction in life only came from Him. The Author of Life was the One which John was speaking and telling the churches in Asia about and he tells us today that Jesus is the Only pathway to eternal life.

The life and essence of Who God is was manifested in the person of His Son, Jesus the Christ. The only way for you and I to get to know God is through learning of and getting to know Jesus. God revealed Himself in Creation but most of us take that for granted as “nature” and nothing more. God also revealed Himself in the Bible, His Holy Word, but many people pay very little attention to that today as well. God’s final and most complete revelation of Himself was through the person of Jesus His Son.

This is why John refers to Him as the Word of Life. Why is this important? Because in the beginning, God brought much of creation into being just with His Word.

John even says it in his gospel:In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was GodJohn 1:1

In the same way we can learn of God’s character and everything that we need to know about Him by learning about and reading the words of Jesus in the gospels. Your words reveal your character to those around you and in the same way, the Bible reveals God’s character and the Living Word, Jesus, reveals even more about God’s character. To know Jesus is to know God!

Have you come to know Jesus as your Savior? He came for that express purpose, to set those free who were captive to sin and their own lusts in this world.

The apostle John walked and lived with Jesus during His ministry before His crucifixion. He saw the miracles and heard what Jesus said and did on a daily basis, he knew Him. Jesus can be just as real today for you and me, if we will get to know Him through the Bible and the gospels. A sermon on Sunday morning is not enough to truly get to know Jesus, yet that is what many people base their salvation on. Why is it so important that we know that we are born into God’s family? Because if you are just playing church, then you are what Jesus called the Pharisees…a child of the devil! You are like a counterfeit dollar, a counterfeit Christian, one who acts “saved” but has not been born again.

Just as a counterfeit bill will be exposed when it is tested or when it arrives at the bank, a “Christian” who is not born again will be exposed when he or she stands before their final judgement. They may have done many good things in life and seemed to be a genuine Christian, but they will hear Jesus say “Away with you,I never knew you”. If you aren’t sure about your salvation, read 1 John 5:9-15 carefully. Seek Jesus through prayer because He will not turn you away.

John wrote many things in these letters and he wrote them to make sure that those who called themselves a Christian could be sure of their salvation. Not wondering if they were saved but knowing it absolutely! Are you in that position? Do you know without a doubt that you belong to Jesus and that HE knows you?

Yes, it is possible to know without a doubt that you know Him and that He knows you too. Belief in Him is the first step toward this and then walking with Him daily. Reading the Bible is required to get to know Him and the Father, yet most people in America don’t. They read devotional readings which have a verse or two, sometimes a chapter here or there, but it is reading God’s Word daily which brings your spirit and His into fellowship close enough that you can almost feel His hand on your shoulder.

God loves you and belief in Jesus and His atonement for your sins is the answer, the secret to life itself. Not the life which the world would pat you on the back for, but eternal life! The Life that we are promised in Him after this life is over. That is what we should be striving for more and more as we get older, but it is also what young people need as well. Why? Because if they aren’t learning about Jesus and hearing from or reading His Word, then they may never learn about Him until it is too late.

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