Decisions, decisions….

Almost from the time we are born we are making decisions, whether we know it or not. Sometimes, getting up in the morning is a decision and depending upon your health it could be a big decision! Making decisions about choices in life or most any other thing which is happening in your life takes time, prayer, and seeking guidance from someone whether it is your pastor or a family member.

Reading the Bible can sometimes help, but more often than not it seems to either cloud the issue or the passages don’t address your particular situation. Many times I have been frustrated with seeking God’s counsel in making a decision but He stays silent. Then, there are times when you seek out a friend or someone who you trust and they can’t or don’t give you good advice either.

So at this point, most people give up or make a decision on their own and sometimes it is the wrong decision but they may not find that out until months or years down the road of life. I have made some decisions in my life which didn’t work out very well and I have paid for them. In the end, I learned from them but you might say it was a hard lesson.

Decisions can be good or bad depending upon the circumstances and your state of mind at the time. Many times we need time, which is in short supply. Other times we need space between us and the object of the decision, at least for a while. In many areas of life, our decisions can make our lives better but sometimes, if we rush those decisions too much due to anxiety or circumstances, they could make things worse.

Seek out the counsel of God through prayer and reading His Word to give you some insight into the decision which will be in His will for your life. It is hard to wait on His timing and I am not going to tell you that it is easy, but it is the best idea. Rushing into a decision without God in the process is always a bad idea.

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