Our Savior


The most wonderful part of this bit of information is the part that is not in the image. He rose again on the third day! Jesus came to Bethlehem as an infant, with His deity poured out into the life of a human babe. His Father was and is God and through the Holy Spirit He was formed in the womb of Mary.

Jesus came to us, not to prove that God can do this thing of bringing a child into the world by a virgin, but to prove His love for ALL of us. Thirty-three years later, He went to the cross after being nearly whipped to death and He hung on the cross for a few hours and then He said, “It is finished”.

Heaven and hell and all of creation felt His passing. It was celebrated by the demons and Satan and it was likely questioned by the angels in Heaven, but God knew the reason and the timing of it all. It had to happen that way. He gave His life for each of us because He loved us and He did it because only He could accomplish what God had wanted to do since the Garden.

Our country and the world needs Jesus in their life because He is the Way to our salvation and eternity. You can believe it or not if you wish, but when you are standing in front of God one day without His righteousness covering your sins…you will wish that you had given your heart to Him. At which point…it will be too late.

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