Are you full?

Are your bills paid? Is your house paid for possibly? Don’t be so proud of what you have that you miss what you need to hear from God! 

What do you mean, “what I need to hear?” I am rich, I don’t need anything!

These are the words and the thoughts which enter the minds of those who don’t have any worldly worries. The problem with this thinking is that they haven’t heard what God has been saying to them. That is what they need to hear. It is what many of us need to hear, regardless of which church we may go to or how much study we attempt to do in the Bible, if any at all!

YES, God is still speaking from His Word, through His preachers and teachers in the different churches and online too. God speaks in the sunrise each day and in all of the daily miracles which happen but we don’t notice them. The clouds, the wind, the air that we breathe are all gifts from Him. God expresses His love for us in all of these ways.

So, why do we ignore them? Because most of them, if not all of them, happen every day and they are commonplace to us. We don’t notice because there is no urgency to it and no uniqueness to each of these things, yet God gives them to us and to the whole Earth each day.

themissingpieceIs it so hard to believe that the Bible is true? Is it beyond our understanding that God is the Creator that the Bible says HE is? I don’t think that it is any harder to believe that God is our Creator than it is to believe that all of life on Earth, from bacteria to blue whales, came from a puddle of protein! Truly, I don’t believe anything about evolution because building from nothing to the most complex of life is so far-fetched that it is impossible!

God designed our world and each life…each person in this world for the purpose of fellowship with Himself. Then He provided the way of blotting out the sins of those who would believe in Jesus by His death on the cross. God loves the drug addict and the pusher and the hooker and the pimp and He loves them just as much as He loves you or me or anyone else on Earth!

All we need to do is listen to His Word and see Him in our world and in our life. Believe in Him and the Son which He sent to take the punishment for your sins, regardless of how long your list might be. To God Who is Perfect and Holy, stealing a paper clip is just as bad as killing thousands of people, even if it was in the name of some “religion”! The love of God transcends time and space and fills our souls with joy that we can’t contain when we finally realize His Truth. From that point on, we are slaves of His majesty and we should tell as many people as we possibly can about our Savior Who gave His life for me and you and every other person, good or bad or fat or mean.

Will all of us be saved? No. Because, not everyone will listen and hear with their Spiritual ears and accept His Son as the sacrifice which paid it all for them. Some will hear this message or one like it and say that it can’t be as simple as believing in Jesus and just walk away from the offer of eternity.

So…are you full of….joy? Happiness? joySorrow? Fear? Anger? Loneliness? Is it something else which controls your days and nights? Alcohol or drugs or maybe sex? The problem is that most of these are what we try to fill up on when we find that there is an empty place inside, but we don’t know what to put there. It isn’t a what….its Jesus. This picture shows the very essence of the joy that we can feel because our Savior gave Himself for us so that we can know Him from this moment into eternity…if we will accept Him.

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