Who will lead us?

mygodisawesomeIn the world today there are many people who seem to be clamoring for a chance to be a leader in some fashion. Some are not worthy to lead a song, let alone a country, but that doesn’t stop them from being in a position of power if they can manage it. Power is seductive and it corrupts those who thought they were good, decent people particularly if they don’t have a strong foundation of values to stand on.

The lack of teaching from the Bible in America specifically has caused a terrible vacuum of responsibility and accountability in our country, but it seems that the majority don’t want this book as their compass in life. Most seem to be bent on doing their own thing, again. Like those who did this almost fifty years ago, doing your own thing is fine until it impacts on the rest of us. Today we are at the mercy of those who fought against the “establishment” and “the man” back in the day. The problem is that now they are part of it!

So much is happening and will happen in the future until we should be taking note of the things which are happening in the news today. It is part of prophecy and we need to be telling others of it and watching closely for the signs of Christ’s return.

The leaders of the world seem to be intent on doing almost anything to keep religion, in particular the Christian religion, out of government. The Bible has so much good advice for those who are in power yet they won’t listen to it or read it to gain that wisdom. Why? Because, they are trying to fit into the normal way of the world around us and politics seems to have nothing to do with religion for the most part. In the Middle East, religion and politics go hand in hand but that is a totally different culture from most of the world.

God places governments and their leaders in their positions in order to fulfill His purposes, whether we take notice of this in His Word or not. He raised up Pharaoh for the purpose of humiliating the gods of Egypt. God raised up Darius also as well as Nebuchadnezzar for His purposes. The Bible should be leading us toward our future regardless of which leader may be in power. Yet…today few people pay much attention to a book of Israelite history and religion because of the Person named in it as Messiah, Jesus the Son of God!

Seek out leaders who will acknowledge Jesus as their Savior because if they aren’t following Him, then who or what are they following? Themselves or some man-made god or religion?


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