God does answer prayer!

Time and time again I have heard some people say that “God doesn’t care, He doesn’t answer prayers anymore!”, and with an angry tone they walk away and likely never come back to Bible study or church. Yes, He does answer prayer! He may not answer it the way you want Him to, but He does answer prayer. I have been praying for someone for the past hour or so to have a safe trip and they called and told me they are at their destination, so He does answer prayers!

I know some of you will say that my prayer didn’t count. They were being a good driver so they made it just fine. Maybe so, but I choose to believe that God and His angels had a hand or hands in the outcome of that trip!

Prayers are answered in all sorts of ways. Some are answered when there is a good outcome for a medical test or procedure. Some are answered when a cancer or other disease goes away or can’t be found later and the doctor can’t explain it. God answers your prayers for strength and hope in a time of sorrow and pain. Prayer is answered when a baby is born or when you find your keys that were lost.

God cares about the outcome of your life, every day and if you ask Himnots in your life to be a part of your day in a small way or a big one, He will be! Don’t discount His presence just because you can’t see Him or feel His touch, if you are a Christian or you are thinking about becoming a Christian, He is always nearby. You are never truly alone because HE is EVERYWHERE!

Give God a chance in your life. He can be strength for you, He can answer prayers in positive ways, He can be the friend who sticks closer than a brother, He is your Creator and Savior if you will let Him be.

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