Life…and death

In our world today, we see this played out all of the time. Life and death in the city streets of America and in areas in the Middle East where they are fighting each other because of ideology and religious differences. Why? It is hard to understand from an American perspective what causes such division and hatred.

I mean, churches split because someone doesn’t like the way the preacher is teaching but that is no reason to begin shooting at each other. Sometimes, churches split because of different opinions about the way the church is decorated, but these are petty, childish differences. Why would Christians get so upset and angry over petty things like this? In today’s culture it seems that everything gets on people’s nerves to the point that “we don’t feel safe” is a common theme in news stories today.

Seek your wisdom from the Word of God and trust in Him! He is the One that gives wisdom and strength, so pray about it and seek Him out. He will not leave you, especially if you are seeking Him. God loves us and if we can just get past our own problems and prejudices and hangups about the Bible and following Jesus, our world would be much a better place!

God has given to each of us a measure of wisdom. Some of us have to go through troubles and trials to gain this wisdom and some of us seem to have it available even in grade school. My point is this: God knows which of us will listen and which will not and we need to be attentive to His voice, small though it may be, to do His will for us daily.

I pray that all who read this will seek Him out in His Word and in prayer in order to get to know Him better. I have a son who is out on his first trip, alone in a car. I am asking all of you to be in prayer for his safety please. He is my only child. Thank you.

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