Christians are needed today!

Real Christians are needed today, not the ones who have planted themselves on a pew for twenty years  or more. That is the problem with our country today, we say that we are Christians or Republicans or Democrats but are we? You can say anything about yourself, but is it really true? Does your life show that you are who you say you are? Do your actions and words line up or are they in conflict with each other?

We all know someone who says one thing and then does something else, they are called politicians. Whether they are found in schools or factories, at your workplace or in your church they are like a coin with two sides which don’t match. You may see one side of them today and tomorrow it will be a totally different person. So, what are you? Who are you in your walk with Jesus?

When someone who doesn’t know you sees you or hears you talking, can they tell that you are a Christian? Can they see or hear a difference in you which says that you don’t follow the world and everyone in it? If they can’t, then something is wrong with your walk if you even have one with Jesus.

I am not coming down on Christians or those who claim to be Christians, even though it seems like it. What I am saying in this post is that we, as the body of Christ, should check our faith and our beliefs. Do they line up with the Bible? Are we being disciples of Christ or just people who attend church? Would you be a follower of Jesus if He was here today?

Yes, I am asking lots of questions in this post but they need to be asked and many of us, me included, need to seek out the answers in God’s Word. We all need to make sure that we are seeking Him and living the lives that we are supposed to be living in front of our children and friends. Can they tell that we are Christians? It is a sobering question, particularly since we are in the period of time that Jesus described as the birth pains before true trials come.

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