Changing times

In many ways we are living in times that are changing drastically from what most of us grew up in. Some of the younger people, under twenty years of age, don’t really know what we are talking about when we say this. Their world has been this messed up ever since they were old enough to notice.

Thirty years ago or even further back than that, life was much easier. I don’t mean there were more jobs or more money because that was not the case. I am talking about tolerance for religious beliefs and other things. Yes, Islam was around but not so much in our country, especially not close to home. We heard about shootings in big cities and terrorist bombings in Israel and Palestine, not here in America.

People weren’t as confused about their gender either. You were and are either male or female. If you want to dress like the opposite sex, fine but don’t tell me that I have to accept it. No you can’t use the lady’s room if you are really a man! Although, I imagine some “cross-dressers” have used the ladies room and few were even aware of it, if any.

Yes, we live in times which are changing in ways that we can’t understand unless you have read the Bible. It says that in these days people will be lovers of self and will say good is evil and evil is good and that is exactly what is happening today. Is there a way to stop all of this? Yes, when Jesus comes to rule the world. God says that there will be times like the days of Noah at the end of days and we are beginning to see those times right now.

Another tidbit of information that I am putting in here today is that I live in Mississippi. Yes, the one that is in the middle of the South, right in between Alabama and Louisiana. God loves all of you, no matter where you live or your situation in life but He doesn’t agree with some of the lifestyles and sins that some of you live in. It is the sin that God doesn’t like, I don’t know your heart or your spiritual condition BUT He does. There are many today who go to church and go through all of the motions of being a Christian, but their hearts are far from Him.

So many people think that they are Christians because of their family’s membership in a church, some think that just going to church makes them a Christian. Some think that because they haven’t broken any of the “major” commandments that they are OK or that they have an “understanding” with God, except that none of those things which you think you have done has anything to do with your salvation! A seat at church is just a place to sit, family position doesn’t mean anything to God. Nothing that we do, no matter how good or noble it may be, has any bearing on our salvation.

Your acceptance of and belief in Jesus as your Savior is the ONLY way to get into Heaven and have all of your sins wiped off the books. God doesn’t remember your sins at all once you have given your heart and life to Jesus and you are forgiven. When God looks at you from that point on, He sees the blood of Jesus covering all of your sins and you are just as sinless as Jesus was when He rose from the tomb! It isn’t a hard thing to do to give your life and your heart to Jesus although sometimes our culture or our belief in “me” or some other “god” will get in the way.

Search the Scriptures, seek Him out, pray about your salvation and understanding of God’s Word then give your life to Him and let Him give you a New Life in Him! Why do I ask you to do this? Because Jesus told me to tell others about the gospel, the Good News of salvation where we don’t have to do anything for it because it has already been done by Him. It is a free gift, all you have to do to have it is to ask Him for it and believe.

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