God is Great!

How can I say this? Because He is! God loves us, each one of us, even when we don’t show Him that we even believe in Him! Yet, He is the Creator and the only God of the Universe. So, why do people seem to hate many of those who believe in Him? Is it because of His exclusive nature? Because He doesn’t allow for any other so-called “gods” except Himself maybe? Or is the real reason because of the new covenant relationship that Christians have with God’s Son, Jesus?

There are many unknown reasons for the hatred that is being shown and expressed toward the Jewish people and Christians and I don’t know what many of them are. I don’t understand the reasons for such hate toward a religion and a culture which, for the most part, has been peaceful throughout most of history. True, in the Middle Ages in Europe there was much persecution of the followers of Islam, but the church which was behind this also persecuted the Jewish people and their faith as well. This is a matter of history, hundreds of years in the past. It should not be affecting our lives today, but it does.

God is great and He is good and thankfully patient with us, but His patience will not endure our disregard for Him and tolerate our hate and violence for long. There will be a day when He will make Himself known by His actions and it will be a day that no person on Earth is ready for. Even few in the church are ready for it, and yet we put up “false fronts” at our gatherings and our services. We make a great show of our piety but to outsiders it is hollow and shallow.

I don’t mean that this is happening at all churches, but the “christian” face which is shown to the world at large in America is one that doesn’t live up to or live out our claims about our faith. It is truly sad that Christmas is celebrated in Asian nations without shame and here people want to take you to court if you place a cross or nativity scene in a town square!

God is Great and He is the Creator and one day the whole world, including America, will see this and know it to be true. But, for many it will be too late. Seek Him out while there is still time. Learn about Him and the love that He expressed through the giving of His Son, Jesus, for our sins and the payment of the debt that all of us…each of us owes because of it. God loves you, can’t you express that love toward Him by giving your heart and life to Him too?

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