What are we to do?

As human beings, we are to live and grow in our lives and with wisdom and using the knowledge that we gain in life we are to conduct ourselves as moral people. Can we do this on our own initiative and strength? To a point, yes we can but no further. Our strength and wisdom will only carry us as far as the next person with wisdom, which may be beyond ours, or rather they perceive their wisdom to be beyond ours. Then we have to submit to theirs and learn from them as much as possible. This is humanistic learning and wisdom, which gains us nothing. Yes, sometimes, we will learn from others wisdom but many times their knowledge and wisdom is repackaged from another source.

The best source of wisdom is the Bible because it is the Truth of God and His Wisdom, brought to us through the Holy Spirit and written down by disciples and prophets, poets and kings. All of the wisdom or knowledge that I have placed here has come from Him and from the Bible. I can’t come up with all of this on my own, yet I have had many comments which say otherwise. Life is different for all of us. For some it is hard to get through one day to the next, for others it seems to be the easiest walk in the park you ever strolled through. Learning about life is a hard lesson at times, because it isn’t something that you get out of a book, with the exception being the Bible.

God showed the people of Israel how to live and gave them the instructions, if they would follow them. But, they didn’t. They had lived among idol worship in Egypt for over four centuries and wandering in the desert for forty years didn’t get that out of them. When they came into their land of promise, they said that they would follow Him and do as He commanded. Sometimes they did, but many times they did not and they paid for it with slavery and being exiled from their homes and their land. God had told them that they would be blessed and would be a blessing to all IF they would obey Him and follow Him in all of their ways. They didn’t listen.

Even today, we have been blessed by having the whole Bible to read and learn from and many people still scoff at it and say that it isn’t true. Yet, many of the prophecies in it have all come true. The only ones left are the resurrection of the dead in Christ and the Rapture of the Church and the Tribulation foretold in the book of Revelation. Read from His Word, prayerfully and with an open mind. Ask God to show you what He wants you to see in His Word, again with an open mind toward Him. Read the book of Romans and all of the New Testament before you go into the Old Testament, because it helps to read the fulfillment of one which explains the other, or at least helps to explain it.

I look forward to seeing you in His Kingdom!

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