Can I know Jesus?

It seems that some people do wonder about this question. Is there a real honest answer? Yes, there is! You can know Jesus and have Him as your personal Savior. The first question is: Are you seeking Him today? If you are, then the rest is easy.

The sinner’s prayer goes like this: God, I know that you are real and that I have messed up in my life. I have heard that you can help me to be more like your Son, Jesus. I am sorry for the sinful life that I have lived, the things that I have said or done and I ask you for Your forgiveness. I open my heart to You and I want You to cleanse me and make me more like Jesus. I need Him to be my Savior, Lord. I thank you for your grace and mercy and for my new Life in Jesus. Amen.

Belief in Jesus and His saving grace that was finished on the cross is the first step, then a simple prayer like this one. It doesn’t have to be word for word like this. This prayer is just an example, and it doesn’t have to be this long either. Knowing Jesus is not hard to do, learning about Him is a daily walk with Him by reading the Bible and prayer. He loved each of us enough to come to Earth and live like us, but His nature was from God not from man so He lived a sinless life. We can’t live a sinless life, but by submitting our life and our heart to Him we can become more like Him.


One thought on “Can I know Jesus?

  1. Amen! I came to know Christ, He met me, through crying out to God the Father through His Son Jesus Christ, for deliverance from the evil in my own heart amplified by the enemy. I didn’t know or understand the truth from His Word, but by God’s grace, I knew that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father. He met me and made a covenant with me, exchanging His life for my life, praise His holy name. Then, by His wonderful love and grace, He led me in the way I ought to go. That was over 38 years ago, and I praise His name that I know Him and am blessed to grow in the grace and knowledge of Him by His ministry to me through His glorious Word the Bible by the work of the Holy Spirit. May Jesus Christ be praised!

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